Wahlberg's a Prisoner

Mark Wahlberg has starred in a caper flick, he's done the whole sci-fi thing, and he's flexed his abs while wearing a pair of sexy panties for Calvin Klein. But Marky Mark seems most comfortable playing the vigilante, the guy who's been so wronged that he's gotta bust some fat skulls in order to do right. After proving his penchant for revenge in films like SHOOTER and MAX PAYNE, Wahlberg plans on taking it to the next level with PRISONERS, which will see the ab-tastic actor portray a Boston man who turns vigilante after his daughter and her best friend are kidnapped.

The film, which was penned by Aaron Guzikowski, won't feature Wahlberg talking to goats and asking randoms to say hi to their mothers for him, but next to Daniel Craig there's no one I'd rather see get revenge on some baddies than Mark Wahlberg. Count me in.
Extra Tidbit: The film is still seeking a director. Who do you suggest?
Source: Variety



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