Wang on YouTube

THE PRINCESS OF NEBRASKA Director Wayne Wang is getting with the Web 2.0 times and will be releasing his upcoming film THE PRINCESS OF NEBRASKA fully on YouTube on October 17th. Based on the the short story by Yiyun Li, the film centers on a pregnant Chinese girl's life in the U.S and covers the larger theme of family and Chinese identity in the modern world, which he's been exploring for the last six films. As for why he's doing this, Wang had this to say: "'The Princess of Nebraska' is about a young woman from China who tries to locate her identity through different kinds of new media. The piece was shot with this kind of mentality with various kinds of easily accessible digital sources. I am very excited that the distribution will be consistent with the way the piece was conceived and produced." Not too shabby there, Wang. Not too shabby.

Extra Tidbit: NEBRASKA's companion film, A THOUSAND YEARS OF GOOD PRAYERS, will be released theatrically on September 19th.
Source: THR



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