Weekend Box-Office: May 28-30, 2010


Sex and Persia both disappoint...

Looks like women can smell a "cash-grab" as much as men, as SEX AND THE CITY 2, the quickie sequel to the extremely popular original film from 2008 (that movie ended up with $153M domestically), could only muster $32M in its first weekend of release this time around (compared to a $57M opening last time) and a 2nd place finish behind last week's #1 movie, SHREK FOREVER AFTER. The film did manage $46M since its opening on Thursday, but that's still way behind the $57M from the original (and that was in 3 days, not 4 days).

Despite 90% of the audience seeing the film being ladies (and their whipped boyfriends?), the quality of the movie was questioned by many, including fans themselves who gave the film a (B-) average, compared to an (A-) average for the first movie. The many critics who make up the Rotten Tomatoes average score weren't as kind, with only 15% recommending the movie to their readers. Some of my favorite quotes include: "The last gasp of a franchise that has definitively lost touch with its roots.", "Shopping, sex, and stereotypes merge in trite sequel." and maybe one that predicts the future: "These characters had a great run, but based on this sorry sequel, there's nothing interesting left to do with them."

PRINCE OF PERSIA didn't fare much better, with only $30M generated in its first weekend of release, and a 3rd place finish. You might think those numbers are "ayight", but for the first film in a possible franchise by uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, that's mighty disappointing. Not to mention that the movie cost about $200M to make, compared to $100M for SATC2. As per the latter film, the critics trashed this movie as well, although at least it managed a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A couple of my favorite quotes from those reviews include: "A soul-deadening exercise in blockbuster bloat." and "Yessir, it's like watching Pirates of the Caribbean with all the Jack Sparrow parts taken out. Are you salivating yet?"

As for the rest of the top 10, no major changes although MACGRUBER dropped 64% of its meager audience from last weekend, confirming that -- at the very least -- the film isn't going to pick up at the box-office (maybe a home video classic?). The two films to get knocked out of the top 10 this week include KITES ($1M) and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET ($62M).

Next week sees the release of 4 new movies including 2 that I'm looking forward to seeing myself in GET HIM TO THE GREEK, a "spin-off" from FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, as well as SPLICE, a kooky-looking science-fiction horror movie. The 2 films that I will surely avoid next week include the big-screen interpretation of the comic strip MARMADUKE (pas pour moi) and the Ashton Kutcher/Katherine Heigl starring KILLERS (which apparently isn't being screened for critics -- a sure sign that the studio realizes that it stinks!). This week's poll question wonders whether IRON MAN 2, now in 2nd place on the "2010 top grossers list", will be able to surpass ALICE IN WONDERLAND by the time all is said and done. What think you? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Shrek Forever After $ 43.3 Million $ 133.1 Million
2. Sex and the City 2 $ 32.1 Million $ 46.3 Million
3. Prince of Persia:... $ 30.2 Million
4. Iron Man 2 $ 16 Million $ 274.6 Million
5. Robin Hood $ 10.3 Million $ 83 Million
6. Letters to Juliet $ 5.9 Million $ 36.6 Million
7. Just Wright $ 2.2 Million $ 18.2 Million
8. Date Night $ 1.8 Million $ 93.4 Million
9. MacGruber $ 1.5 Million $ 7.1 Million
10. How to Train Your... $ 1 Million $ 212.6 Million




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