Wes pals join Mr. Fox

I just saw THE DARJEELING LIMITED last night (review to come soon) and I wasn't surprised at all to see Bill Murray making an uncredited cameo. So I'm even less surprised to learn today that Murray, along with other frequent Wes Anderson collaborator Jason Schwartzman, will also be part of THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX. According to MTV, both Murray and Schwartzman will voice characters in the stop-motion animated movie, joining George Clooney and Cate Blanchett who were previously announced. Clooney will voice Mr. Fox while Murray and Schwartzman could be playing two of the farmers out to catch the wily Fox. Anderson tells MTV that the movie is still a ways off as "it will take a couple years to do the animating." The problem seems to be in the fur of the animals and nevermind the fact that Anderson wants to use real trees, sand and other landscaping for the film. The sad news about FOX is that if it takes three to four years to make, we won't have a new Wes Anderson film until 2010ish. Hey maybe he can find the time to direct another short in the DARJEELING series? If "Hotel Chevalier" was Part 1, why not shoot a Part 3?

Extra Tidbit: This is funny yet somehow completely accurate.
Source: MTV



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