Will Matthew Vaughn's next comic project be Turf?

It's suggested in an interview with English television host and radio presenter Jonathan Ross that Matthew Vaughn will direct an adaptation of his comic, TURF.

Ross never comes out and confirms this suggestion, but there's a linking factor that might prove helpful. Jane Goldman who worked with Vaughn on the screenplay for KICK-ASS is married to Ross. It may not be a definite in, but it's certainly helpful.

The comic written by Ross and illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards is a crime thriller set in 1920's prohibition-era New York. However, this is no ordinary crime thriller--in this world vampires and aliens are mixing it up with dames and violence. Here's a synopsis from Image comics:

"TURF offers a twist on the hard boiled crime thriller, adds vampires and aliens to the traditional mix of booze, broads and bullets as it chronicles the eruption of a vengeful gang war between booze-smuggling mobsters and the blood thirsty Dragonmir Family. As an ancient prophecy unfolds amidst the maelstrom of violence, the entire city is engulfed by the brutal conflict and the only glimmer of hope is an unlikely alliance between tough guy Eddie Falco and a stranger from another world."

Ross has had a secret comic passion for a while, describing himself as falling in love with them as a "shy, geeky, half-blind 11 year old". He explains his deep adoration further, "My love affair with comics is more important to me than my love of films, or my work in TV, or just about anything outside my family. You're hardwired for it, if you fall in love with comics when you're 11. And I think if there's one good thing I can maybe achieve with – with 'my celebrity'- it's to try to broaden the horizons and widen the readership of this particular entertainment which I adore and which is somewhat belittled and denigrated and ignored. I just want to see comics getting a fair critical chance."

The first issue went on sale April 7th for a small fee of $2.99.

Extra Tidbit: For those DOCTOR WHO fans out there, Ross' favorite doctor is Jon Pertwee.



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