Work on a Tron: Legacy sequel already underway

TRON: LEGACY won't be released until this December, yet already Disney has begun spinning the wheels on a sequel... and perhaps even building up to a full-blown trilogy?

According to THR's Heat Vision blog, TRON: LEGACY writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have been brought back on board to pen a sequel.

Heat Vision says, "No details have been released because it is so early in the process. Notwithstanding the question of whether the movie will be a hit, other topics to ponder are whether the sequel will focus on spinoff characters or center on a new adventure set in the “Tron” world. Insiders have suggested that Kitsis and Horowitz are working on a way to round the story into a trilogy."

Neither director Joseph Kosinski nor any of the principal actors have been officially set to return for a sequel, though Disney is said to be keen on reuniting the original players of their would-be hit. This all certainly shows the studio's confidence in their product. Which is a good thing for movie fans.

TRON: LEGACY opens everywhere on December 17th.
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