Would you like to rent a movie for free from Redbox this Thursday?

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Here's your chance to check out that movie you've always wanted to see but couldn't spare the dollar to make it happen - as thank you for two billion rentals, Redbox has put in place a promotion designed no doubt to one day bring them to three billion rentals.  Not that I'm cynical or anything.  But whether it's actually in thanks or merely a clever marketing ploy (or both), that doesn't change the fact that by going to your local Redbox tomorrow (i.e. Thursday the 8th of March) you can input the code THANKS2U one free one-day rental.  Which I know that I'm definitely going to do. 

Note: in the fine print on the official coupon it states that this is effectively worth $1, as if you wish to rent a Blu Ray or videogame using the code THANKS2U will only serve as a "discount worth the value of the standard DVD daily rental rate." 


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Here's the official press release: Redbox achieved an entertainment milestone this weekend having rented its two billionth movie and video game. The two billionth disc, Drive, was rented at a McDonald’s restaurant in Philomath, Ore. To thank America for making Redbox its destination for entertainment, Redbox invites everyone to enjoy a free, one-night movie rental on Thursday, March 8, by using a promotional code available on the Redbox® Facebook page.

Extra Tidbit: DRIVE. One more reason to be thankful for its existence.
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