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Cool Videos: Jason Statham & Gal Gadot cook up hot moves in Super Bowl spot

While Gal Gadot has recently spent the better part of her free time kicking ass as Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. and DC Comic’s JUSTICE LEAGUE , and Jason Statham … well, hasn’t stopped kicking the crap out of people for what feel like a very long time. Now, both can be seen wrecking shop for this action-packed Super Bowl ad for the...
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See all the Super Bowl 50 TV spots and trailers right here!

Super Bowl 50 is upon us and we all know you're extremely excited...for the commercials! And, why wouldn't you be, when companies are shelling out $5 million bucks per 30 seconds of airtime? The other big game draw for us movie geeks is the teasers and trailers that hit during this time as studios prep to sell their biggest titles between now and summer, grabbing the attention...
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Cool Videos: Pierce Brosnan's great action hero parody for the Super Bowl

While he perhaps isn't at the Liam Neeson action star level anymore, Pierce Brosnan can still hold his own when it comes to the genre. He was my favorite Bond actor until Daniel Craig came around, and if you haven't seen THE MATADOR , it’s one of his best pieces of work. Leave it to a Super Bowl ad to remind us of just how awesome he is too. Kia's new...
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Cool Videos: Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo need a Snickers in this great ad

While you can catch all of the Super Bowl ads for 2015's biggest films, there are bound to be some non-trailer commercials that are going to become instant classics during the NFL championship game. Every year we get a handful with famous faces from big and small screen alike. With some ads already debuting online, here is one I think you may like. Snickers ads have featured some...
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Cool Videos: This Jaguar ad explains why bad guys are always British

Everyone knows that the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Sure, the game is going to be pretty intense between the best offensive team in the Broncos against the best defensive team in the Seahawks, but it will also mark the only game that people will not be using their DVR as they watch for what crazy advertisements will be aired. Some of the commercials have started...
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Live Updates! Super Bowl Sunday movie trailers: JoBlo.com has got you covered!

Game day is upon us, Schmoes, and we here at JoBlo.com have got you covered for all the movie trailer goodness that will debut thoughout.  Fortunately for you, some of us have no interest in the game itself and are resigned to bringing you the trailers as they drop.  So, whether you're watching the big game or not, you can check back here throughout its duration as we update all...
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