1923 actor Brandon Sklenar reflects on playing Harrison Ford’s nephew and auditioning for Solo: A Star Wars Story

The actor portraying Spencer on the Yellowstone spin-off has had an interesting kinship with Harrison Ford in his career.

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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Harrison Ford made his television debut in the Taylor Sheridan Yellowstone spin-off, 1923. Incidentally, the co-star who portrays his character’s nephew on the show also had auditioned to be the iconic Ford character for Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Hollywood Reporter sat with Brandon Sklenar as he reflected on the experience with the seasoned star and his audition.

The young actor talks about how all of Hollywood’s up-and-coming hungry actors went out for Solo, “When I showed up to that one, I was a little worse for wear, and there were a couple-hundred guys there, if I remember correctly. It was a funny experience.” The interviewer inquired after stating Sklenar’s resemblance to Ford really does make them look like family and compliments the casting. He would, of course, lose out to Alden Ehrenreich for the role, but fate would have him meet Harrison Ford anyway. “He’s so cool that he just makes everyone around him cool. You acclimate to his frequency when you’re around him. He also doesn’t project like he’s Harrison Ford, either. He’s just a sweet guy, so it’s pretty easy to be around him.”

1923 became a hit setting a ratings record for Paramount+. Getting cast onto the show was a little bit unusual for Sklenar. He states, “As an actor, your experience in casting can be unbelievably painful and drawn out over many months, so I was very lucky in that it was a very quick process. After sending in that initial tape, I think I flew to Jackson Hole a week later and found out pretty much on the spot. So that was unusual. It was also the first time I’d been in the room with somebody in two years because of COVID. So I appreciated that they took the time to do that. It changes the game when you can be in the room with somebody.” 

The series returns next month and Sklenar teases what’s to come for his character. “I can say that there is not only a definite shift in the story itself, but also in him as a person from this moment forward. It’s the hero’s journey, and his calling to go home does propel the story. Spencer and Alex both have a lot to overcome before he can get there. Taylor doesn’t make it easy on anybody in writing these shows.”

1923 returns to Paramount+ on February 5.

Source: THR

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