Jenna Fischer loses Chris O’Donnell quick in the trailer for A Little Help

Usually when I want my Jenna Fischer fix, I just watch THE OFFICE. When Fischer does a feature, she generally does not star, aside from the indie film LOLLILOVE.

In A LITTLE HELP, Fischer gets to take the lead as a mother who has recently been widowed. Instead of telling everyone the truth about how his father (Chris O’Donnell) died, Dennis (Daniel Yelsky) says he was killed during 9/11 because “it’s cooler”. The trailer is charming in my opinion. Fischer really needed a film and character like this to help her breakout. Keep your eyes peeled for Rob Benedict, the guy from WAITING who couldn’t pee in a public restroom.

“Set in suburban Long Island in the post-9/11 summer of 2002, A LITTLE HELP examines a period of chaotic and rather bizarre upheaval in the life of dental hygienist Laura Pehlke (Jenna Fischer). It is the story – funny, touching, sad, and real – of an ordinary person, engulfed by ordinary events, making an extraordinary emotional journey.”

Source: Apple trailers

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