A teen suspects his teacher is a killer in Gallatin 6

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Elisabeth Rohm

Eric Unger, Tilky Jones, and Elisabeth Rohm (pictured above) lead the cast of writer/director Alexander Garcia's independent thriller GALLATIN 6, which is scheduled to film in Acton, California this fall.

The story centers on 

a high school student who sets out to prove his teacher is the one responsible for a series of murders in a sleepy town in Texas.

That's interesting enough, and makes it sound like GALLATIN 6 will be something along the lines of DISTURBIA. Minus the house arrest aspect. "GALLATIN 6", on the other hand, makes the movie sound like some kind of space opera. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being released with a different title.

Unger will play the student, with Rohm as his mother and Jones as the suspicious teacher. Also in the cast are Cassidy Anne Schaffer, Daniel Pinder, and Daniela Bobadilla.

Before he gets to GALLATIN 6, Garcia will be directing a film called SKATE GOD, about a skater who realizes he's the descendant of a Greek God. In the meantime, Rohm can be seen in the July 14th horror release WISH UPON.

Source: Variety

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