Absence gets its first trailer

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

Cinedigm has just released the first trailer for Jimmy Loweree's directorial debut ABSENCE which seemingly came out of nowhere for us when the film's first poster dropped just a little over a week ago. While we may have just found out about the flick, any time you put a disappearing fetus in a horror film it's safe to say that its got our attention!

The trailer is pretty solid and shows some fantastically creepy moments all while being shot in the "found footage" style we see so much of these days. The "found footage" approach can be hit or miss for me because at times it can really add a terrifying element to a horror film that you just can't get any other way and sometimes it can just be a mess. Time will tell with ABSENCE, but for now it's looking pretty damn good!

ABSENCE stars Erin Way (Alphas) as an expectant mother who wakes up to discover that her pregnancy has disappeared overnight. Along with her husband (Eric Matheny) and her brother (Ryan Smale), she travels to the mountains to find out what happened to her unborn baby.

The film will open in New York on July 5th. Now watch the trailer!

Source: AITH

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