Adjust yourself with the new Adjustment Bureau poster

THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU is a movie not without problems. The film was originally scheduled to open this past summer when Universal pushed it back to a mid-September release. The thinking was that it would be like THE AMERICAN, NEVER LET ME GO or THE TOWN – adult-themed pics looking to get an early jump on Oscar buzz. But just two months after that release date change came another delay, pushing the film back to its current release of March 4.

Now the marketing campaign can reboot itself. The original trailer has been pulled and a new trailer will debut in theaters this weekend. To go along with that we get a new poster for the film. You might wonder why two finely dressed individuals are running across the rooftops of buildings (in Emily Blunt’s case, in high heels). Duh, it’s to escape the shadows of the giant fedoraed men chasing them.


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