Amazon gives pilot order to Chris Carter’s The After

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

"X-Files" creator Chris Carter is close to a return to TV with a new pilot, teaming with Amazon Studios to bring us "The After", according to Deadline.

Amazon Studios has moved forward with a pilot order to "The After", Carter’s project with Georgeville TV. Carter wrote and is set to direct the thriller which takes place at the moment of apocalypse. Georgeville TV, founded by Marc Rosen and Reliance’s Motion Picture Capital, first teamed with Carter for "The After" last fall when the project was taken to MIPCOM by Sierra/Engine TV.

Carter recently made waves by talking a possible third film in his X-FILES franchise and is also developing a new show for AMC that "owes to the X-Files", so he's staying busy. "The After" will be his first pilot in a decade.

We'll keep you posted on news regarding "The After" as we hear it!

Source: Deadline

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