Attack of the Killer Tomatoes franchise gets a 3 hour retrospective on YouTube

An Attack of the Killer Tomatoes retrospective documentary has been released on YouTube, covering all 4 movies and the cartoon

The folks behind the Screaming Soup! YouTube channel uploaded a very cool video over the weekend: a 3 hour retrospective documentary that covers the entire Attack of the Killer Tomatoes franchise, which includes four feature films and two seasons of an animated TV series. Best of all, Screaming Soup! has made this documentary available to watch free of charge, and you can check it out in the embed at the bottom of this article!

The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes retrospective documentary has the following synopsis: Screaming Soup! Presents the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Retrospective is the most in-depth documentary ever made on everyone’s favorite red menace from the produce aisle. Busting with clips and exclusive interviews from the Killer Tomatoes creators to their cast and crew over four films and a short lived cartoon series, this epic documentary will be the ultimate resource for killer tomato fans, unveiling never-before-heard stories from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Killer Tomatoes Strike Back, Killer Tomatoes Eat France, and both seasons of the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes cartoon series that originally aired on Fox Children’s Network.

The documentary includes interviews with John DeBello (director/writer/producer – AOTKT, ROTKT, KTSB, KTEF), Costa Dillon (writer and creator of the Killer Tomatoes – AOTKT, ROTKT, KTSB, KTEF), Steve Peace (actor/writer/producer – AOTKT, ROTKT, KTSB, KTEF), John Astin (actor – ROTKT, KTSB, KTEF, AOTKTCARTOON), Steve Lundquist (actor – ROTKT, KTSB, KTEF), Karen Mistal (actor – ROTKT), Rick Rockwell (actor/writer – ROTKT, KTSB, KTEF), Crystal Carson (actor – KTSB), Marc Price (actor – KTEF), Angela Visser (actor – KTEF), Kevin West (actor – KTSB, KTEF), Andrew Jones (puppeteer – KTSB, KTEF), Neal Fox (composer – ROTKT, KTSB, KTEF), Richard Mueller (show developer/writer – AOTKTCARTOON), Maurice LaMarche (actor – AOTKTCARTOON), Rob Paulsen (actor – AOTKTCARTOON), and Cam Clarke (actor – AOTKTCARTOON).

Producer Dan Fowler shared the following information: “Screaming Soup! is an animated web series starring a gas guzzling, ray gun slinging skeleton cowboy named Deadwest, who reviews obscure fright flicks from yesteryear while on adventures in the wild weird west with a delightfully dysfunctional gang of parody-style monsters. As a lifelong Killer Tomatoes fan since I first watched the cartoon series as a kid, I end every movie review with Deadwest sharing the disclaimer, “But what do I know? I like Killer Tomato movies!” After more than 50 episodes and recognition from Joe Bob Briggs as a recipient of The Last Drive-In’s Silver Bolo Award on Shudder, I felt it was finally time to celebrate my Killer Tomatoes fandom in a way no one has before. Always annoyed at the lack of information regarding the production of the Killer Tomato sequels and never-released cartoon series, I set out to give fans like me all the behind-the-scenes trivia we’ve been long overdue. With the cooperation and blessing of the Killer Tomatoes’ creators at Four Square Productions, it’s my honor to share the stories of nearly everyone involved with this laugh-out loud parody series from its humble beginnings as a student short film in San Diego to its eventual international demise on Saturday morning television.

I like Killer Tomato movies too, so I will definitely be watching the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes retrospective documentary. Are you a fan of this franchise? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Screaming Soup

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