Aussie horror Crawl headed for DVD

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It was way back in June of last year the last time we hit you with any news on director Paul China’s CRAWL, a nasty-looking little Aussie film that had been tearing through the festival circuit with a lot of success, garning many favorable reviews and impressing audiences worldwide. Now we have news that CRAWL is making its way to DVD and Digital Download on February 26 and we have a brand spanking new trailer for the thriller below.

Set in an unknown rural town, a seedy bar-owner hires a mysterious hitman to settle a score. The gun-toting killer crosses paths with an innocent waitress sparking a cat and mouse struggle of survival. As tension builds, everyone is driven to desperate measures causing a chain of events that build to a blood-curdling climax.

CRAWL stars Georgina Haig of Fox’s “Fringe”, George Shevtsov (Love Serenade, Dead Calm), Catherine Miller (Terra Nova) and Lynda Stoner (Prisoner) as well as Andy Barclay, Lauren Dillon, Paul Bryant, William Garvey and Penny Anne Hoffmann.

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Source: Arrow In The Head

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