Bait 3D director turns to spiders with The Nest 3D

Last Updated on July 22, 2021


BAIT 3D director Kimble Rendall is turning his attention from shopping sharks to flesh-biting spiders with THE NEST 3D, a China-Australia co-production entering pre-production next month. No cast has yet been announced.

While BAIT 3D didn’t make much of an impression in most territories, it scored a stunning $25 million in China, hence the country’s interest in joining forces with the director, as well as production company Arclight Films.

Here’s the plot of THE NEST 3D:

When a scientist disappears in the desert while investigating a potential scientific breakthrough in medicine, an international team of colleagues embarks on a search and rescue mission.  Once in the wild a flash fire forces the search party into an abandoned house where they driven into an underground labyrinth and find themselves besieged by an even more terrifying threat driven to the surface by the heat… swarms of flesh eating funnel web spiders, which also hold a venom they believe will be the next miracle drug that can make them millions.

The Australian funnel web spider (pictured) is one of Australia’s most deadly arachnids and can grow to be 2″ long. These creepy crawlies should make formidable villains.


Source: Variety

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