Donald Glover is useless in the face of a strange apocalypse in the Bando Stone & The New World trailer

Donald Glover plays a singer facing a strange apocalypse where dinosaurs and lasers give chase in the Bando Stone & The New World trailer.

Apocalypses are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. Still, Donald Glover (Community, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Atlanta) is putting a creative spin on the world’s end that combines his love of film and music in a way that could surprise you. After debuting the trailer for his new movie, Bando Stone & The New World, ahead of A Quiet Place: Day One, Glover is sharing the preview with fans online, and suddenly, I’m adding another movie to my must-watch list for 2024. Today’s Bando Stone & The New World trailer coincides with the upcoming release of Glover’s new album under his stage name, Childish Gambino, also titled Bando Stone & The New World.

In today’s Bando Stone & The New World trailer, Glover plays the titular Bando Stone, a singer who tries to deliver mail and then finds that most of the world’s populace has disappeared. Stone then crosses paths with two survivors, a mother, played by Jessica Allain (Thriller, The Laundromat), and her young son. The trio joins forces to navigate their new surroundings. However, Bando finds out that the world has changed in strange ways as ferocious creatures, dinosaurs hunt the group, lethal geometry, and more attempts to wipe them off the face of the planet.

Glover plans to release a new album, Bando Stone & The New World, as the film’s soundtrack. If you listen closely, you’ll hear Glover’s latest Childish Gambino song, “Lithonia,” playing in the trailer. “Lithonia” begins with organ pipes bellowing a soft tune before Childish Gambino brings soul and charged energy to the track. With a heavy guitar riff, choir-like backing vocals, and a smidge of apathy, Glover proclaims that “No one gives a f*ck,” about someone trying desperately to make their life better. It’s a grim theme, but then again, look at the state of the world and tell me it’s not apt.

Donald Glover directs, stars in, and scores Bando Stone & The New World based on a script written by Evi Wilder. What do you think about the trailer? What would you do if everyone suddenly disappeared from your world? What do you think is going on in this strange movie? Let us know in the comments section below.

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