Batman fan film goes viral days after its release

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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A crowdfunded Batman fan film has been making the rounds and it has become a big hit with DC Comics fans.

The film is called Batman: Dying Is Easy and the 25-minute short has pulled in over 3 million views on YouTube. The short is directed by Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke and features some surprise celebrity cameos from the likes of Michael Madsen and Doug Jones to name a few. You can check out the short in its entirety below!

The description for the short reads "Batman and Joker have always had such an interesting psychological relationship, it's those dark concepts that make the characters so interesting." The focus of the short does explore the complicated relationship between Batman and Joker as they exchange a war of words for what could be their final encounter when Joker learns that he is dying. Batman: Dying Is Easy features Kevin Porter as Batman and co-director Aaron Schoenke as Joker. Michael Madsen co-stars as GCPD detective Harvey Bullock while other cameos include Doug Jones as The Riddler, Casper Van Dien as Commissioner Gordon, and Chris Daughtry as Hugo Strange. 

Over $75,000 was raised by fans for the budget via Indiegogo. The original description on Indiegogo reads "We want to give the fans something they've always craved with these characters. A psychological, dark detective story with an almost horror film feel. The film is created by fans for the fans. This film will feature all original costumes, sets, and music score." Judging from the fan reaction so far, it looks like they're loving how this short film actually turned out.

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