Behind the (Movie) Killer investigates the baffling Freddy Krueger case!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Welcome back, my friends, to episode 4 of our brand new investigative series, BEHIND THE (MOVIE) KILLER! We profiled PATRICK BATEMAN, a real AMERICAN PSYCHO, in our last Episode and still can't get Hip To Be Square out of our heads! Plus, our dreams have been haunted by the easy-listening tones of Phil Collins!

And since I never met a segue I didn't like, our next investigation centers on the sleep stalker himself, FREDDY KRUEGER! So, welcome to prime time, bitch, as our faithful special agent, Casper Bollocks, takes a trip to Springwood, Ohio to learn why a select group of teenagers have been dying in their sleep. Slash that embed at the top of the page for all the gory details! One… two… someone's coming for you! And please LIKE AND SHARE with everyone you'd think would be interested in our sadistic little series!


Source: Arrow in the Head

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