Big Mouth Season 8 is the animated comedy’s final bow on Netflix

Big Mouth Season 8 will be the animated show’s final season on Netflix, while its spinoff, Human Resources, ends with Season 2.

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Before Big Mouth Season 7 arrives on Netflix, the streamer renewed the coming-of-age animated series for an eighth and final season. In addition to Big Mouth coming to an end, the spinoff series Human Resources is also canceled after its upcoming second season. The Big Mouth series finale serves as a farewell for both shows as the characters and stories from Human Resources will merge into new episodes of the core series.

Big Mouth Season 7 premieres later this year, with Season 8 dropping in 2024. With eight seasons, Big Mouth is the longest-running scripted original series on Netflix, beyond Kids & Family programming. Despite the show’s animated platform, I don’t recommend showing Big Mouth or Human Resources to your young ones. Both series are rude, crude, filled with foul language, and contain underage nudity. You can parent however you like. I simply want you to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Human Resources occurs in the supernatural homeworld of Big Mouth hormone monsters, Maurice and Connie, voiced by Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph. With shame wizards, depression kitties, and several other species running rampant throughout the land, these creatures of instinctual habits guide humanity through the various stages of life, from puberty to childbirth and into our autumn years.

“If you would have told adolescent Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg that middle school would take 8 years to finish, they would have been like ‘yeah, that sounds about right,” said Kroll, series star and executive producer. “This seems like it will never end.'”

Big Mouth is a towering achievement in animated comedy that will make Netflix history for its longevity,” said Billy Wee, Netflix Director of Adult Animation. “We are thrilled that we still have two more hilarious seasons to share with fans before this brilliant coming of age story reaches its conclusion.”

I’m a massive fan of Big Mouth and Human Resources. While both shows are crude and disturbing, they also display plenty of heart while depicting the pitfalls of puberty with laser-focused accuracy. Between Big MouthHuman Resources, and Sex Education, Netflix hosts brutally honest series about growing up, discovering who you are (and your body), and navigating the nightmares of adolescence. While I hate to see a good show go, eight seasons is a hell of a run, and I’d rather the series end on a high note than fizzle out in mediocrity. Are you a Big Mouth or Human Resources fan? What do you think about either show coming to an end? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Deadline

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