Blind Spot: Blumhouse developing thriller based on Paula Hawkins novella

Two feature film adaptations – one an American production, the other a Bollywood production – have been made out of author Paula Hawkin’s best-selling novel The Girl on the Train, and Variety reports that Blumhouse Television is now developing a streaming movie based on Hawkins’ new novella Blind Spot (pick up a copy at THIS LINK). The thriller story follows

Edie, Jake and Ryan, friends with an unbreakable bond. Since childhood, it’s been the three of them against the world. When Jake is brutally murdered and Ryan is accused of the crime, Edie finds herself alone for the first time. Grief-stricken and living in the remote house that she and Jake shared, she is also afraid that the past she tried so hard to leave behind will catch up to her — and with good reason. Someone has been watching and waiting for this moment.

Blumhouse is developing the project with Paper Pictures, and a search is underway for a creative team to bring the story to the screen.

Hawkins had this to say about Blind Spot getting an adaptation:

I’m delighted that Blind Spot is destined for the screen, and I believe that in Blumhouse and Carla Hacken (of Paper Pictures), I’ve found the perfect partners to adapt this dark, frightening, character-driven story. I’m a huge fan of Blumhouse’s perceptive and intelligent horror — Get Out and The Invisible Man in particular — and I’ve loved their TV adaptations, too — I thought Sharp Objects was outstanding.”

Hacken added:

I’ve been such a fan of Paula’s and from the moment I read this thoroughly gripping short story, I knew I wanted to make this movie with my friends at Blumhouse Television.”

And Chris McCumber, president of Blumhouse Television, said:

Blind Spot is ripe for Blumhouse to adapt. Paula’s captivating storytelling absorbs you into this taut, suspenseful world where the characters feel very real and the payoff hits”

Have you read Blind Spot? If so, what do you think of the story being brought to the screen on a streaming service? Share your thoughts on this project by leaving a comment below.

The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train

Source: Variety

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