The Bride of Frankenstein will have much more screen-time in upcoming reboot

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Recently it was announced that not only was Universal creating their own cinematic universe of classic movie monsters but also that the next film in line for the reboot treatment was BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. I'm excited about this new take on the material as I was slightly disappointed by the lack of actual Bride of Frankenstein in the original.

I know, it's an utter classic, but sue me. From all the art and whatnot I had seen of the Bride over the years, when I peeped the flick back in high school I was stunned by how little she is in the movie. Turns out the filmmakers behind the scenes of the new reboot of the classic feel the same way.

THE MUMMY director Alex Kurtzman sat down with Den of Geek for a chat on the upcoming MUMMY flick and Universal's recently announced DARK UNIVERSE series. Eventually, the topic turned towards the next film in the Dark Universe, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and Kurtzman had some interesting things to say about the new approach to the classic material.


David Koepp wrote a brilliant script. A brilliant script with a very unique structure and a central relationship that I think is gonna be relatable to a lot of people while also being very true to what I believe people love about Bride. Here’s the weird thing about Bride Of Frankenstein. It is one of the weirdest movies you’ll ever see in your life. It is such a strange film. What amazes me is that the bride doesn’t show up until, what, the last ten minutes of the film? Doesn’t say anything, rejects Frankenstein, he pulls a lever and the building explodes and that’s the end of it. It’s not like she has long monologues, it’s not like you get to know her character, it’s not like she goes out into the world. There’s almost no screen time with her.

And yet everybody remembers the iconic look, the hair, who she was. Articles have been written, there’s Halloween costumes. It’s an enduring character because there’s something mysterious about her and that look, and the idea that she was created to serve another man. Which is gonna be an interesting thing to tackle in this day and age. It might be something we subvert in our film. It will be really interesting to see where we go because I actually think that Bride is maybe a lot more accessible as a character than you may think. Mostly because she’s not really a character yet based on the original Bride Of Frankenstein.

Amen, Kurtzman. Amen. All of the above-mentioned reasons mirror my own for being excited about a reboot of BRIDE OF FRANKSTEIN. Again, as mucho-loved as the original flick is, there is next to no actual Bride of Frankenstein in the film. Maybe we will all look back and say that it was better that way, and that "a little goes a long way" but all the same I'm looking forward to seeing the Bride character expanded upon.

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BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN will be released on Thursday, February 14, 2019.  

I'm still sticking to my theory Annabelle Wallis will become the Bride at the end of THE MUMMY.

Source: Den of Geek

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