Chucky may go to space because fans keep asking about the possibility

Chucky creator Don Mancini keeps getting asked about the possibility of the killer doll going to space, so it might just happen

Season 3 of the Chucky TV series (read our review HERE) had to be split in half due to the writers and actors strikes, but production recently resumed, and the remaining episodes of the season will be airing on Syfy and USA Network (and reaching the Peacock streaming service) later this year. While we wait to see what the rest of Chucky season 3 has in store for us, franchise creator Don Mancini has confirmed that he’s considering sending Chucky to space simply because fans keep asking him about the possibility.

The idea of Chucky going to space, following in the footsteps of fellow genre stars like Jason Voorhees, Pinhead, and Leprechaun, has been bouncing around for years. Back in 2017, Mancini told The Movie Crypt podcast hosts Adam Green and Joe Lynch (after the expectation of Chucky going to space was brought up to him), “I have an idea for Chucky in Space. You know how sometimes, like, kids will present a space shuttle crew with some, like, totemic experiment or mascot or whatever? Chucky…” He got sidetracked at that point, but four years later he talked about the idea again, telling, “I think one of the great things about Chucky is that he’s such a versatile character and we’ve found that he operates successfully in all kinds of different tones and sub-genres, whether it’s horror, or comedy, places in between. So I think as a character he’s versatile enough and appealing enough and interesting enough that he could probably go anywhere, even into outer space. Which is the one thing – I think once I jokingly said something about sending Chucky into space, although I do think it would be a fun movie. … I think ‘X Goes to Space’ is usually a barometer for jumping the shark. But I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Chucky in a little space suit with a helmet, sort of like floating?

Now, while catching up with Mancini at the Saturn Awards, Screen Rant took the opportunity to ask if we’re ever going to see Chucky go to space. Mancini responded, “Everyone’s asking me that question! So, MY question is, ‘Do you want him to go to space?’ Do you personally want him to go? If there’s enough of a demand for that, eventually – I don’t know how quickly – I have an idea for that.

So it sounds like Mancini is getting asked about “Chucky in Space” quite often, and every time the subject comes up, the closer the idea gets to becoming a reality. Would you like to see Chucky go to space? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

I say Mancini should go for it. Why not? Chucky bouncing around in space wouldn’t even come close to being the strangest thing we’ve seen from this franchise.


Source: Screen Rant

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