Comic Con 2012: Costumes, Costumes, Costumes!!!

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

After spending the last several days in press lines, it is easy to forget what really makes Comic Con special. It is the time of year when our fandom is allowed to play hardcore. Peeps get dressed up – sometimes undressed – and show up as their favorite characters. After an amazing weekend of groovy good times, cameraman Rusty and I took to the halls and chatted it up to a small handful of the crazy costumes worn by men, women and children. This was it for me, my final assignment at SDCC 2012 so I’d also like to thank a couple of readers before we get on with the visuals. Thanks to my good friend rriddle for a ton of transcribing help, and of course to atticus, dude from the stairs and his buddy Tony for joining us for drinks at the Tilted Kilt…as well as the lovely waitresses that joined in on the fun. F*ck it! Next year I may have to go in costume!


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