Cool Videos: Epic Arnold Schwarzenegger kill-count supercut!

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Some people just have an absurd amount of time on their hands and an attention to detail that they invest themselves into world-changing endeavors that make full use of their abilities. Case in point: The fine individual who put together this massive supercut of every single Arnold Schwarzenegger kill onscreen. From HERCULES IN NEW YORK to THE LAST STAND, Arnold's bodycount is tallied in real time as you watch the vicious, silly, and creative ways in which he's dispatched his various nemeses. If nothing else, this supercut accomplishes two things: 1) It gives you a solid number to go off in terms of Arnold's death toll and 2) Paints a vivid pictures of just how damn crazy most his movies are – and we love him for it!

So, set aside 28 minutes and relive all the insane killshots that have defined your cinematic upbringing with the one true Austrian badass.

Arnold's body count continues next year with SABOTAGE, opening fire on April 11, 2014.

Source: You Tube

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