Cool Videos: Mr. Bean is a haphazard terrorist in this re-cut trailer

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

You know, I've met a number of people in my day who are ashamed to admit that they enjoy the rubber-faced antics of comedian Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean. I mean, I kind of get it, but you should never have to hide your affinity for whatever entertainment you enjoy. Although, it might behoove you to keep that folder you've got buried deep within your hard drive filled with obscure porn a secret, you know, if you plan on keeping your online persona intact and all that.

Anyway, I've been a fan of the Mr. Bean character ever since the early 90s, and have seen all 14 episodes of the enigmatic characters jet-setting adventures in addition to both the BEAN and MR. BEAN'S HOLIDAY films. I enjoy the character's Muppet-like voice, and can't help but marvel at the manner in which Atkinson contorts his face into a series of grotesque arrangements for the sake of a good, awkward laugh. Love him or hate him, Mr. Bean is a part of comedy history, and today, we've got a funny-ass video to share with you that features the character like you've never seen him before, as a plane-bombing terrorist.

Ha ha ha! That part where he pops the barf bag which sets off the bomb had me rolling, because of course that's the way Mr. Bean would execute his best laid plans for destruction. And oh man, we even got Edward Norton's Jack from FIGHT CLUB in the mix of this hilarious re-cut trailer, too! Can we please get another Mr. Bean-related film and have this be the plot? I'll finance it, no problem. Props to Youtube poster John Loberger for the video, and to Bloody Disgusting for bringing it to our attention.

If you're craving more of Mr. Bean's zany capering after watching this video, you can purchase the box set of his old show or seek out BEAN and MR. BEAN'S HOLIDAY if you feel like shutting your brain off for a few hours while taking in a good laugh – all of which are available now

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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