Cool Videos: What the cuss? Foxcatcher/Fantastic Mr. Fox mash-up trailer

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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So as you can probably guess, the only reason why this FANTASTIC MR. FOX/FOXCATCHER mash-up trailer exists is because both films have the word "fox" in their titles, but it's still pretty damn funny, as well as a little creepy. Called "The Fantastic Mr. Foxcatcher," the video was created with the dialogue and music from the trailer for the Bennett Miller movie (with Channing Tatum voicing Mr. Fox and Steve Carell voicing Badger) and clips from Wes Anderson's stop-motion film.

The video works a lot better than you might expect, and I definitely chuckled a few times while watching the trailer.

"You ungrateful ape."

Source: YouTube

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