Curb Your Enthusiasm: Richard Lewis will not join Larry David for Season 11

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Larry David will have to find someone else to put through the emotional wringer when the eleventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm makes its way onto HBO.

It's been reported that Richard Lewis, who has played a semi-autographical version of himself in HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, is exiting the show, and will not appear in the upcoming 11th season. Lewis has been a cast member of David's cringe-comedy saga since the series' launch, though he now finds himself having to willfully watch from the sidelines.

“What a ride, LD! I love you, buddy. Tragically, these past 18 months I’ve endured a back and two shoulder surgeries and not able to be in #curbyourenthusiasm for season 11. I’ll be watching…”, Lewis recently wrote on Twitter.

I think we can all agree that Lewis is making the right call with regard to sitting out the next season of the show. After all, your health is perhaps the most important thing you can hope to control, and a fair amount of rest and cooperation now means that Lewis could perhaps rejoin the show at a later time. I know that he'll miss being humiliated by Larry in ways we can only imagine, but again, good health comes first.

Season 11 of Curb Your Enthusiasm has yet to receive a premiere date, but as soon as we know more, so will you.

Source: Deadline

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