Danny Trejo’s demonic thriller The Cloth set for release

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

THE CLOTH has managed to stay pretty quiet for the last few months which is surprising considering it's a film about possession and demons in which Danny Trejo acts as an exorcising priest. Pretty much sells itself! Today we got word from Uncork'd Entertainment and Viva Pictures that the release of the much anticipated thriller starring Trejo and Eric Roberts is just around the corner. Written and directed by Justin Price and executive produced by Ha-G Hardamon, THE CLOTH will be available July 2nd for rental and digital, and available for sale on DVD for an SRP of $14.96 on August 6th.

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THE CLOTH is a taut and tense tale of intrigue, mystery and celestial influences surrounding the Catholic Church's darkly secret organization specifically formed to combat the alarming rise of demonic possessions across the country.  The story follows a godless young man who is recruited in order to gird a new generation with the unique and necessary tools to eradicate the terrifying rise of evil.

The film co-stars Rachele Brooke Smith (Burlesque), (The Scorpion King) and Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco).

Source: AITH

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