Daredevil: Born Again: Deborah Ann Woll says she is not a part of the Disney+ show

Last Updated on November 21, 2022

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Daredevil made his official return in She-Hulk this year after a brief cameo in last year’s Spider-man: No Way Home. Charlie Cox, along with Vincent D’Onofrio, is set to return to Hell’s Kitchen in DisneyPlus’ Daredevil: Born Again. Fans are anticipating the new show as it continues the story of Matt Murdock in the battle for the soul of New York against the Kingpin.

One former Daredevil cast member who has revealed is not making a return, at least not yet, is Deborah Ann Woll. Variety reports that the actress has said that Marvel has not contacted her about the upcoming sequel series despite her character, Karen Page, being a prominent love interest to Murdock.

Woll comments on the matter on the Inside of You podcast, “I can say this: they have not called me yet. So, as of now, I am not a part of it. I would be thrilled to get to be a part of it. They know where I am. Like I said, I love the character Karen Page. I love telling that story. I feel like I have more to say. But it is up to them what kind of story that they want to tell. The Marvel series feels unfinished to me because we got canceled when we thought we were going to have more. There’s a part of me that was like, ‘I had more to say about Karen,’ and I felt I was in the middle of that story.”

When Daredevil showed up in She-Hulk, the man without fear not only sported a new suit but a new interest in Jennifer Walters. She-Hulk star Tatiana Maslany had recently joked that she had been badgering Charlie Cox about making an appearance on the new show to continue their escapade. Perhaps this is part of Marvel’s plan to set up a future conflict. And just like Daredevil, it all remains to be seen.


Source: Variety

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