David Morrissey may be a baby stealer in The Ones Below

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

After menacing the characters on AMC's The Walking Dead for a season and a half as The Governor, actor David Morrissey has moved on to menacing some more people in writer/director David Farr's thriller THE ONES BELOW.


Eagerly awaiting their first child, a young couple in a tiny London suburb become involved in a psychological battle of wills with the tenants in the apartment downstairs.

Morrissey and Laura Birn play the tenants in that downstairs apartment, the titular ones below, with Clémence Poésy and Stephen Campbell Moore being the ones who have to figure out if their neighbors are trustworthy. Are they really out to steal their baby, or is Poésy's character letting paranoia get the best of her?

The U.S. distribution rights for THE ONES BELOW are in the hands of Magnolia Pictures, who will be releasing the film into theatres and on VOD on May 27th.

A UK trailer can be viewed below, and judging from what's on display there this appears to be a well made, stylish, chilling thriller. Putting a baby at stake is a way to get people unnerved right from the start.

Source: Fangoria, MagPictures

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