Disney to acquire K.A. Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan

Anyone remember the show ANIMORPHS from the 90s? I remember the cult of the ANIMORPHS. I was never a fan of that. I would go to the store and pick up the latest GOOSEBUMPS book, and sort of throw shade to the series. The covers always looked ridiculous to me. To be fair, I’ve never read one so perhaps they aren’t as dumb as I imagined. I did watch the series on the regular either. I’ve got bits and pieces but still wasn’t impressed.

Later down the road, ANIMORPHS co-creator K.A. Applegate wrote a children’s book in 2011 titled THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN. The story centers on, “a silverback gorilla named Ivan who lives in a cage in a shopping mall along with an elephant named Stella and a stray dog called Bob. Ivan does not remember life before the mall but when a baby elephant enters and Ivan finds himself taking care of her, he begins to rediscover his previous life and concocts a plan to take the baby elephant away from their abusive owner.” The tale stems from Applegate’s husband Michael Grant’s experiences with a real life Gorilla named Ivan who spent 27 years at the Washington Mall before he was transferred to the Atlanta Zoo.

Disney is currently attempt to collect the screen rights of the book. They are looking for a writer to pen the script as well.

Anyone checked out the book? Is it screen worthy?

Source: THR

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