Dutch is back! First look at Schwarzenegger in Predator: Hunting Grounds

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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Load up on guns, practice your firm embrace, and remember … if it bleeds, we can kill it.

It's been officially announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic Predator character, Dutch, will soon be making his way to Predator: Hunting Grounds, an asymetrical multiplayer online shooter from video game developer IllFonic and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

A few months back, Schwarzenegger let it slip that he had recorded "some voice-over" work for a Predator video game, which many had assumed would be for the previously unreleased Hunting Grounds. Fast-forward to today, when we find the box office behemoth tweeting proudly about the chance to reprise his fan favorite character, saying that it was "fantastic" to step back into the role. You can check Arnold's post out below, which also gives you a great look at the Dutch character design for Predator: Hunting Grounds:

In Predator: Hunting Grounds, one group of players control members of an elite Fireteam: who pack state-of-the-art conventional firepower, from shotguns and SMGs to sniper rifles and more. One player controls the Predator: a stealthy, acrobatic killing machine bristling with exotic alien technology such as the infamous Plasmacaster. As the Fireteam attempt to carry out paramilitary missions – annihilating bad guys and recovering important items – the Predator will be closing in, using its advanced vision mode to track and ambush its prey.

Schwarzenegger's Dutch is coming to Predator: Hunting Grounds on May 26th, at which time the character will be made available for purchase as DLC.

Jared Gerritzen, the Chief Creative Officer at IllFonic, wrote the Dutch story that plays out through the voice-over. Gerritzen says, 

The premise of it is [Dutch] recorded these tapes since '87 after the first movie. Throughout these tapes, there are those arrows [pointing to] what he’s doing, kind of like safeguards if he gets killed or captured. These tapes are gonna be used to essentially keep his story going.

How pumped are you to hear that Dutch is coming to Predator: hunting Grounds? Let us know in the comments section below!

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