Ed Helms & Owen Wilson are a couple of Bastards

Last Updated on July 31, 2021

My favorite genre of film is, by and large, comedy. There's something so effortlessly fun and spirit-lifting about a good comedy, and so soul-crushing about a bad one. But with comedy, the story doesn't need to be unique as long as it's funny. That's exactly how the new Ed Helms/Owen Wilson comedy, BASTARDS, looks: not exactly original, but looks like a fun time.

Judge for yourself below!

This seems like a movie that will hinge on the performances of Helms and Wilson, who seem to have the chemistry down like a clown. Helms’s uptightness and Wilson’s “whatever bro” mentality seem to be on display here, making for a nice juxtaposition. Like I said, the story about two men trying to find their father doesn’t seem terribly unique, but is any nowadays? The movie looks like it's focusing on being funny via letting the actors do what they do best. As long as it works on that level then I’m game. Plus look at that supporting cast. Ving Rhames, everybody!

BASTARDS with Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, Ving Rhames and J.K. Simmons is set for Janurary 27, 2017.

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