EXCL: GI Joe’s Scarlett!

Let’s face it – GI JOE was kind of a sausage party. That’s why I took a particular crush liking to Scarlett. When I got tired of all those sweaty, muscular, mustachioed dudes running around in tight shirts, Scarlett was always there for me with a hot bod and that fiery ponytail. Not to mention how kick-ass she was with that crossbow. As if Hollywood were reading our mind, they’ve cast another favorite of ours – actress Rachel Nichols (“Alias,” P2) – as Scarlett in the upcoming live-action GI JOE movie. We love Scarlett and we’ve got an uber crush on Rachel Nichols so we’re all particularly excited to debut your very first look at Scarlett from GI JOE.

This is only the second official photo released from GI JOE (after USA Today revealed Snake Eyes) and we couldn’t be happier to bring you this first look. Turns out Rachel couldn’t be happier either. She’s a big fan of JoBlo.com and actually sent a little message from the set along with the photo. Coolness? Definitely. Hotness? Absolutely. Somewhere 12-year-old me is very happy. Oh and for more hot pictures of Ms. Nichols out of her GI-gear, head on over to MovieHotties.com for their spread on the lovely missus.

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Source: Paramount Pictures

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