Exclusive: Liam Neeson, Tom Bateman and more talk Cold Pursuit!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

On the surface, COLD PURSUIT seems like your average "Liam Neeson seeks vengeance on the bad guys and kicks everybody's ass" movie. And, for a while, it is one of those. But as Liam Neeson's Nels Coxman works his way through the criminal organization responsible for his son's death, things get rather complicated for the man and those around him. Ultimately, COLD PURSUIT reveals itself to be a very dark comedy where death lurks around the corner for almost every character involved.

Recently, we had a chance to speak with Neeson himself, as well as a few other key figures – director Hans Petter Moland (remaking his own film Norwegian film IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE) and actors Tom Bateman (who plays the unhinged crime lord "Viking") and Tom Jackson (who portrays indigenous Canadian gangster "White Bull") – about COLD PURSUIT's special brand of twisted entertainment.

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