Exclusive: Nick Hunt’s Safe Place is the first ‘new slasher’

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

As some of you may or may not know, I live in Florida. This means I try to lead an extra hand to Florida filmmakers and promote horror in general around the Sunshine State. Including Spooky Empire's annual Weekend of Horror in Orlando. You can check out tons of awesome cosplay from my last visit HERE.

Anyhow, it is with Florida Horror in mind I share with you guys the trailer and poster for SAFE PLACE.

SAFE PLACE comes to us from director Nick Hunt and was filmed in and around Titusville, Fl. The teaser trailer I have linked to below is basically one continuous shot where a frightened woman tells us all we need to know about the film's villain named Chris Craven – which is an awesome name. Like a horror movie superhero or something.

I was able to speak to director Nick Hunt recently and I got an EXCLUSIVE quote from the man on the film being, what he refers to as a "new slasher". Read on to find out more.

Director Nick Hunt on SAFE PLACE:

Safe Place is the first of its kind, a sub-genre known as the "new slasher".  A socially conscious slasher film that has a great story, amazing characters you care about, 200% practical effects, a racially and culturally diverse cast and crew, along with being LGBTQI friendly, and above all showcasing strong independent women. A horror movie for the fans by the fans

You can check out the film's trailer and poster below and then let us know what you think of the film so far and the term "New Slasher" on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

SAFE PLACE synopsis:

Six students attend a party to celebrate their friend's successful art show opening. Their presence triggers memories of a traumatic event in the host's past, and he resolves to positively impact the course of their lives – by ending them.

SAFE PLACE is directed by Nick Hunt from a script by Preston Fassel & Pennie Sublime. The film stars Genoveva Rossi, Ashley Mary Nunes, Lara Jean Mummert, David E. McMahon, James Robert Taylor and Kat Kemmet.

For more info on the flick, you can visit them on Facebook HERE and IMDB OVER HERE.

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