Exclusive: Satan is Bored as Hell in upcoming web series

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

In a couple weeks, director Jimmy Lee Combs will be presenting a test screening of his horror anthology TERROR TALES at the Denver Comic Con, but while he puts the finishing touches on that film he's already at work on his next project, Bored as Hell, a horror comedy web series that's set to debut this September. Today we are able to share some EXCLUSIVE details about the series, along with a handful of stills the director has passed over to us.

Created by Combs in collaboration with Kevon Ward of Syfy's Face Off, Bored as Hell has as its main character someone you may have heard of before: Satan.

Here's the synopsis:

Follow Satan on his politically incorrect adventures on earth in this hilarious hell-raising web series. In season 1, we find Satan summoned to earth by a witch and her Ouija board. Good timing too, as Satan has become quite bored of his reigns in hell and is looking for some new excitement in his life. While above ground, Satan finds that he must adapt to life on earth and find a job. After getting fired from several different occupations, Satan finally finds his calling, literally, when he is hired to host his own call in show, “Satan Station”.  His advice on love and other topics either leave his callers enlighten or depressed. From S&M kink, torturing his victims when in hell, Adam & Eve memories, Mormon Solicitors and beyond, Satan has experienced it all! 

Combs explains where the inspiration to make a light-hearted series about the Lord of Darkness came from: 

Bored as Hell was conceived a few years back when we shot a short horror film with Satan as a character. Our actor, Heath Heine, who played Satan in the short, is a very funny guy and would add his splash of humor to Satan behind the scenes. He had us laughing so hard that it inspired my partner in crime, Kevon Ward, and me to Co-Create this horror comedy webseries. We once again had Heath Heine playing Satan, but this time, it's one of the funniest renditions of Ol’ Scratch to hit the interwebs."

Heine's Satan and some of his violent, bloody antics can be seen in the stills below. It's obvious that being the star of a comedy won't stop him from doing some appalling things.

Bored as Hell's first season will run for ten episodes and will be available for viewing on YouTube starting in September. YouTube will be the primary platform, but the show will also be making its way onto other VOD services.

Source: Bored as Hell Facebook, Bored as Hell Instagram

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