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Last Updated on August 2, 2021

If you've read about the early days of Quentin Tarantino, you've undoubtedly come across the name Rand Vossler before. One of Tarantino's fellow Video Archives employees, Vossler worked with him on the ill-fated film MY BEST FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY and was even at one point supposed to direct NATURAL BORN KILLERS. 

More than twenty years after Vossler was planning to helm NBK, he has made his feature directorial debut with a supernatural horror film called HAUNTING AT FOSTER CABIN, which Vision Films and MTI Home Video have teamed up to release on VOD today.

Written by Tracy Morse (CREATURE), HAUNTING AT FOSTER CABIN centers on 

five sorority sisters who come together for a weekend getaway at the secluded family cabin of one of the friends, Michelle, who has recently gone through a difficult break-up. What starts as fun girls’ retreat quickly turns into a horrific nightmare as secrets are revealed and dark forces are released.
Michelle shares the location’s haunting history: a previous cabin on the same land burned down years ago, killing her grandmother, a clairvoyant. She also reveals she herself has had visions in the past. When one of the girls discovers a Ouija Board on the property, an innocent game to contact Michelle’s deceased grandmother unleashes something sinister.
The girls must fight dark forces–and each other–to survive and stop the evil entity they have released from devouring mankind before it’s too late.

AnnaMaria Demara, Kati Sharp, Michelle Nunes, Kate Siegel, Jamie Strange, Grant Alan, Eileen Dietz, and John Savage star.

The trailer for HAUNTING AT FOSTER CABIN can be seen below, and while that minute of footage isn't mind-blowing I'm interested in checking out the full movie after decades of wondering what the Vossler NATURAL BORN KILLERS would have been like.

HAUNTING AT FOSTER CABIN is also available on DVD. The disc can be purchased right here.

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