Face/Off sequel director Adam Wingard says script is almost finished

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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Movie fans were given a bit of a shock when it was announced that director Adam Wingard was directing a reboot of the hit action film, Face/Off. Likely noticing that some fans immediately took to social media to give their two cents about that idea, Wingard quickly took his Instagram to reveal that the film wasn't a reboot but actually a direct sequel. This turn of events was met with more tolerance from moviegoers and now Wingard is revealing that the script for the sequel is just about complete.

Speaking with IGN at Fan Fest 2021, Wingard said that the script he has co-written with Simon Barrett is near completion and he doubled down on his stance that this is a direct sequel and not a reboot as it was originally reported:

"I would never make a remake of Face/Off. I would never make a reboot. And I've seen a lot of people, even after I said that this is a direct sequel, they keep calling it a reboot hybrid sequel or remake hybrid sequel. It's none of that. This is Face/Off 2. And I can't say what that means exactly, but this is either going to be the definitive follow-up to that movie and everything that entails, or I'm not going to make it, because everything's got to line up perfectly. The script's going really good, Simon [Barrett] and I are almost finished. And Simon, who I worked with on You're Nextand The Guest, we've been working a lot over quarantine, and this was our main project. Face/Off 2. That's what it is It is Face/Off 2, and I'll just leave it at that

Wingard's comments should be a breath of fresh air that there seems to be a lot of passion that is going into making this sequel one that lives up to the original. Face/Off isn't exactly high art by any means but it's a solid action film that features two insanely energetic performances from John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. Throw in some signature direction from action maestro John Woo, and you have an action film from that era that continues to define the genre.

In the original Face/Off, Travolta plays an FBI agent and Cage plays a terrorist who assumes each other's physical appearance. The film was Woo's first big Hollywood production that he was given complete control of and the end result was surprising critical acclaim and box office that reached $245 million worldwide.

A release date hasn't been confirmed for the Face/Off sequel and there is no word if John Travolta or Nicolas Cage will be making some kind of appearance. I do trust that Wingard and his team can pull this off because his films have been top-notch so far and he seems determined to do the original film justice.

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Source: IGN

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