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Director: James Foley
Writer: Christopher Crowe
Producers: Brian Grazer, Ric Kidney
Mark Wahlberg
Reese Witherspoon
Alyssa Milano
Boy (Wahlberg) meets girl (Witherspoon). Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Boy and girl begin dating. Parents of girl aren’t crazy about the boy. Girl steps to boy’s defense. Family problems occur. Girl learns more about the boy. Boy goes nuts. Fun ensues.
Ever wonder what would happen if your better half turned out to be someone other than the person that you had come to cherish and love? Well, if you ever have, then this film is definitely for you. It isn’t the most original premise in the world, but it is handled pretty well here, and pretty quickly for that matter (a speedy 90 minutes). I think one of the main reasons this film worked for me is the groundbreaking performance by Mark Wahlberg (of BOOGIE NIGHTS infamy (8/10). He completely captured all the goodness, and badness, of the main character of this film, and always kept me wanting to see more and more of him (his performance scored him a solid nomination from his core target audience, as “best villain” at the 1997 MTV Movie Awards).

The soundtrack is also very effective in this setting, and of course, the slutty performance by Alyssa Milano is something we could all indulge in (look for the nice bikini and butt shots…if you’re into that kind of thing, that is :). I didn’t much care for the father/David relationship which seemed to be a little too contrived, but for the most part, I was really into this movie. Then again, daddy dearest did have one of the coolest lines in the movie when his wife is asking him what the “big deal” was about his daughter dating David. His reply: “The big deal is that the guy gives me the creeps, and the girl is my daughter.”

Good point.

All in all, the movie kicked some fun ass, mindless as it was, and effectively demonstrated every parent’s worst nightmare. Mind you, I still can’t tell if Reese Witherspoon is good looking or a douchebag, but hey, life goes on. And on a personal note, we finally decided to add some Taco meat onto our nacho fiesta of usual, and let me tell you all…it was a flaming success !! Another firm recommendation by JoBlo!

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