First details and art for The Nest 3D come crawling in

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It was only last year when Kimble Rendall dropped his sharks in a supermarket thriller BAIT 3D on us, and now Rendall has reunited with Darclight on another three-dimensional spookfest that pits man against a different kind of man-eater, only this time they’re in the form of killer spiders in THE NEST 3D. We have a look at the first artwork and plot details for ya below.

The film tells of a group of scientists that head to the Chinese desert in search of a missing colleague. Once there, the group encounter a flash fire that forces them to seek refuge in an abandoned building where they find themselves surrounded by flesh-eating Funnel web spiders.

I’ve always had a thing for killer spider films such as TARANTULAS: THE DEADLY CARGO, KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS and ARACHNOPHOBIA so to see another film heading our way with those nasty lil creepy crawlies as the antagonist gets my blood pumping and my skin crawling.

Like BAIT, THE NEST 3D will be partly-financed out of China and feature an international cast, including Australians. The movie will be completely shot in China over the coming months. Rendall, currently in Beijing prepping, had already written the script when BAIT was still in post.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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