A new look at Lacey Chabert crawls in for The Lost Tree

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

We’ve got the very first look at Lacey Chabert (above) in the upcoming isolated cabin thriller from Brian A. Metcalf’s THE LOST TREE. In the pic you have star Lacey Chabert, who plays Jenna, Noah’s best friend and coworker, as she is faced with an unspeakable horror as she desperately fights for her life.

Written, directed, and produced by Metcalf, The Lost Tree is centered around a man, Noah (Nicholas), who is guilt-ridden for the death of his wife, Emma (Kramer). He travels to an isolated cabin in search of peace and isolation. But he soon learns of the dangerous surroundings of the area.

The film stars Thomas Ian Nicholas (AMERICAN PIE), Michael Madsen (RESERVOIR DOGS), Lacey Chabert, Scott Grimes, and Clare Kramer. Keep an eye on this one, looks like another very solid entry in the horror genre for indie films.

Source: AITH

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