Forces of Nature

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Director: Bronwen Hughes
Writer: Marc Lawrence
Producers: Susan Arnold, Ian Bryce, Donna Roth
Ben Affleck
Sandra Bullock
Man is about to get married to woman. Man meets “other woman” on a plane accident. Man and other woman attempt to make it down to Georgia, where his wedding is to take place and where she owns a business, but bad travel luck, keeps slowing them down. Their time together brings them closer, and drips small specks of doubt into the man’s original idea of marrying the original woman.
Entertaining, magical, romantic comedy that doesn’t pretend to break new ground with its concepts, but does offer an always interesting story, two charming leads, and a non-stop festive soundtrack. Its biggest strength lies in its two main actors, without whom, the movie might’ve whimpered into video-bottom shelf-hell. Sandra Bullock is cute, different and always fun to watch in this movie, and Ben Affleck shows us that he can actually play co-banana in a film (without Matt Damon) and come off as an amusing and effective performer. This movie was also very well directed and offered quite a few original shots and picturesque sequences. I’m not gonna pretend that its story line revolutionizes the romantic comedy genre, but certainly, it is one of the better ones to come along in a while.

It talks about fate, love, marriage and the endless amount of subjective questions that we all have to ask ourselves at one point in our lives. Is this the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my living days on this planet? This question is pondered over by many a love critic in this film, and offered very little in actual resolution. There is no real answer anyway, the answer lies within all of us. I personally would’ve preferred an alternate ending to the one that is tacked onto this one, but I suppose that I might be able to appreciate it more over time. All in all, this movie is fun to watch, fun to listen to and fun to discuss. If you’re in love, falling in love, hoping to fall in love, or still wishing over that falling star, watch this fantastical movie and enjoy its easy blend of humor, tender moments and general entertainment.

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

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