Fourth Wall thriller casts Emma Roberts as kidnapped former child star

Emma Roberts is set to play a kidnapped former child star who’s forced to recreate her past role in the thriller Fourth Wall

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts worked with global media company Stampede Ventures on the romantic comedy Space Cadet, which is set to be released through the Prime Video streaming service on July 4th, and Coming Soon reports that Roberts is now set to re-team with Stampede Ventures on the showbusiness thriller Fourth Wall, which has director Alexis Ostrander at the helm.

Ostrander’s previous directing credits include multiple short films and episodes of twenty different TV shows, among them Interview with the Vampire, Mayfair Witches, Cruel Summer, Sweet Tooth, Supergirl, Servant, Nancy Drew, SWAT Team, Swamp Thing, Light as a Feather, Shadowhunters, Riverdale, and American Horror Story. For Fourth Wall, she’ll be working from a screenplay by Jerry Kontogiorgis, who primarily works as a post-production coordinator.

Roberts, who was only 10 years old when she made her screen acting debut, will be taking on the role of a former child star from a popular 90’s television show who is kidnapped and wakes up in a complete recreation of the show’s set with the rest of the cast. As she’s forced to re-immerse herself in the iconic role she’s been trying to get away from her entire career — she must recreate the series’ most memorable moments to stay alive.

Stampede Ventures’ Greg Silverman is producing Fourth Wall. Kontogiorgis serves as an executive producer alongside Jon Berg, Gideon Yu, Chris Bosco, Mike Tadross, Grant Torre, Rodney Ascher, and Lee Stobby.

Torre, who is the VP of Film at Stampede, provided the following statement: “From the moment I read Jerry’s script, I knew we’d have an instantly iconic film on our hands that speaks to our popular culture in such a unique, entertaining way. With all of her experience, Emma is the dream to lead this film that explores fame and the cost of growing up in front of the camera.

I am an Emma Roberts fan and Fourth Wall sounds very interesting to me, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this thriller is going to turn out.

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Source: Coming Soon

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