Franco’s soap opera?

James Franco is headed to the land of Rick Springfield, GENERAL HOSPITAL.

No, I’m not joking. Over on Twitter, HOSPITAL star Steve Burton was asked if Franco was coming to television’s longest running soap. Burton did indeed confirm.

Franco will be on the show for about two months starting November 20th. Now I don’t watch this show, and I’m pretty sure none of the rest of the staffers do but if for some reason you watch, I’ve got the scoop on his role. The character Franco is portraying will apparently be a nightmare for Jason Morgan (Burton), who is a mobster of sorts. Hilarious.

This is really out of left field. The PINEAPPLE EXPRESS actor was on FREAKS AND GEEKS in the late nineties, but unfortunately the series was cancelled after 12 episodes. I have to wonder if he’ll use any of his techniques from “Acting with James Franco”.

Source: ABC Soaps, NY Daily News

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