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After nearly three decades, comic book/graphic novel icon Frank Miller is returning to Marvel Comics. Miller will provide a variant cover for The Fantastic Four revival comic, due out this fall.

According to Marvel’s official release:

To celebrate the start of a new era for Marvel’s first family, legendary comics writer and artist Frank Miller has crafted an eye-catching cover for the series’ first issue starring the ‘Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed’ Thing! The variant cover marks Miller’s first Marvel Comics work in nearly 30 years, and fans can look forward to more variant covers from the visionary creator in the near future.”

Writer Ryan North (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, the Adventure Time comic) and artist Iban Coello (Venom) will helm the relaunch, set for shelves in November. The regular cover will be by Alex Ross, who has done remarkable work for Marvel, DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment. Miller’s variant cover will showcase the Thing.

Miller’s only other Fantastic Four outing was 1982’s Fantastic Four Roast as a pencilier. Other notable Marvel works include The Spectacular Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man Annual. And don’t forget his stint on Daredevil, creating Elektra and helping fully revitalize the character. His most recent contribution was Sensational She-Hulk in 1993.

This new run of The Fantastic Four comes just over 60 years after the team–created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby–debuted. Earlier this year, Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic (played by John Krasinski) appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, already setting up Phase Five of the MCU.

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