Frankenstein Created Bikers revs up with a new poster

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

The exploitation extravaganza FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is looking to be a bombastic bit of bloody mayhem. Throwback films don't always work, but these lovers of grindhouse cinema certainly seem to know what they're doing. The new poster for the film is a pitch-perfect design, crowded with sexy, silly, dangerous imagery. Check it out below!

FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS is director James Bickert's followup to his film DEAR GOD NO! The plot: 

centers on the re-animation of the South's most notorious biker gang – The Impalers. Dr. Marco and his assistant are performing gruesome experiments in their asylum lab and have resurrected the thrill-kill motorcycle club to capture a Bigfoot carrying a pathogen that will allow them to perform a human head transplant. When news of the gang's resurrection draws the attention of bounty hunters, law enforcement and rival gangs, the lofty aspirations of these mad scientist start to spiral out of control. Things get even worse for the occupants when failed experiments escape from the basement and their lab is attacked by a bomb-happy femme fatale named Val.

Bickert shot the film on Super 35mm film and gathered together a cast that includes Jett Bryant, Tristan Risk, Laurence Harvey, celebrity chef Jim Stacy, Ellie Church, Paul McComiskey, Madeline Brumby, and burlesque performer Gia Nova.

FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS will have its Canada premiere at Shock Stock in London, Ontario this May.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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