Fright Night 2 gets a release date

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It has been some time since we've last heard much of anything from FRIGHT NIGHT 2 starring Jaime Murray. Today, some new artwork for the flick has come in along with a release date for the Blu-ray and DVD. So when will you be able to get your hands on the vampire flick? October 1st is when the film hits shelves and you can pre-order it right HERE. Below you can take a look at three of the potential candidates for the cover art below, courtesy of Blood Disgusting.

When high school student Charlie attends a study abroad program with his horror obsessed friend “Evil” Ed and ex-girlfriend AMY in Romania, he soon discovers their young attractive professor Gerri (Jaime Murray) is a real life vampire. Too bad no one believes him. In fact, Evil Ed finds it amusing and it only feeds his vampire obsession. When Gerri turns Ed, Charlie seeks out Peter Vincent, the infamous vampire hunter (well, he plays one on TV) who is in Romania filming his show “Fright Night,” to teach him how to take down Gerri before she gets to Amy, who’s blood will cure Gerri of spending eternity as a vampire.”

None of the art really screams originality so hopefully the flick itself is a bit more inspiring. They recently gave an early look at the trailer during Comic-Con so I'd imagine we'll be seeing it sometime in the near future. Until then, check out the new art!

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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